Monday, 6 October 2008

communication 101

It occurs to me that many of my readers are either from PlanetCancer, friends of friends, or simply people I know nothing about. In addition to this, I've got friends and family that I've been forced to separate from, and as we all know, chemo is a bitch with keeping acquaintances. I can barely lift my texting finger to tell you all I haven't croaked.

I am sending out an open letter to anyone who reads this. Send me something. Anything. A heart-felt confession, a joke, your deepest darkest secret, a toy soldier you found on the sidewalk, a piece of a puzzle.

I will send you something back. I probably won't have the energy every time for a hand-illustrated masterpiece, but you can bet it will be something. Maybe a Polaroid. Maybe a receipt with pornographic cartoons drawn on it, maybe some of my extra percocet. Maybe a page from my journal.

And MAYBE, if you give permission, I'll post one or two on the bog.

Happy Sending.

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