Tuesday, 5 January 2010

It's official.

My laptop is broken for good this time, so until I can procure some cash money, this blog might be rather sporadic...

I can still post little things using my phone, though. It's not all bad.

Scans tomorrow. How long has it been? Eight months in remission. The second I start to breathe again I am reminded that my luck could change at any moment. I always try to stifle the excitement.


I was searching the youtubes for "funny cancer" (because I'm that creative) and came across this video. I was intrigued by this girl so I checked out the rest of her posts. Something about them gives me the willies. As in, unauthentic, cold, vague. You can see her hair follicles! I'm really curious to hear everyone else's opinions, because maybe my painkillers are making me hallucinate:

Your take?? It seriously creeps me out.

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