Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My birthday is in a few weeks... no, not my legal birthday, but the day I went from living dead to just plain living again. May 1st was my last day of chemo. It's the day I got out of prison... I can't believe it's been a whole year. It feels like just a few months have passed.

Yearly scans May 10th

Graduation show May 7th

Deadline for my senior collection garments: this Friday.

I have been working SO HARD. A whirlwind of work. Stitching still my eyes burn and my fingers bleed (literally!). I pulled an all-nighter, which is requisite college behavior, no? I was able to work through the night but my body retaliated soon after: fever and sweats, a debilitating migraine, and vomiting/heaving for the subsequent weekend. I'm still learning my body's limits, even a year after the fact.

Remember when I was bald? I don't. I can't even recognize myself, it's like I was in utero...

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