Friday, 3 December 2010

Happy Fun Exciting Time

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our kickstarter project: Terminally Illin'- A Cancer Comic Book.

Long-time followers will remember a post I did in 2008 upon inception of this idea, inspired by the irreverent fighting spirit of comic heroines like Tank Girl.

I want this comic to be an amalgamation of amazing, engaging artwork, hilarious storylines, and honest, informative commentary on the YA cancer experience. There will be writing from this blog, and other guest contributors. I want patients to be able to read it while going through chemo, and be transported into a fantastic world of kick-assery and (in our own sly way) hope.

I want to be able to give this work of art for FREE to any cancer patient/survivor that would like it.

Please help me spread the word! Let's make this happen!!

If you want to contribute/want one sent to you, email me: kaylinmarie[at]

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