Thursday, 13 January 2011

Kaylin: An Update

My doktor switched me to methadone for my chronic pain.

Scary sounding, huh?

The thing is... it really seems to be helping! I started last week, taking 10mg 3x a day. No crazy side effects yet besides grogginess, but of course, it's too soon to tell. @__@

I already have more energy, and I suspect it's because I actually woke up PAIN FREE today.

Thanks methadone!

here's my hair 20 months post chemo:

An opportunity has been presented to me that would allow me to share my story, in intimate detail, with millions of people. Is this good? Will this benefit anyone? Is my life even interesting enough to share? Hm. If the answer to any of those is "yes", then I'll do it.

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