Monday, 21 March 2011


It is Monday, and my port is scheduled to come out this Friday. I'm going alone, as no one seems to be available to escort me. I'm hoping it will be much, much muuuuch less painful than the operation to have it put in, see this post from 2008.

For the insertion of the port-a-cath they only gave me localized anesthesia. I was AWAKE for everything, from threading the catheter into my jugular vein (terribly weird sensation) to the stretching of my skin for port placement (which was so painful I was tearing up, whimpering, telling the nurses I could feel it all... to no avail).

It goes without saying that I'm slightly nervous, but I've been assured that the removal will be easy. For those of you who have never had a port, or were lucky enough to be under and have no memory of the procedure... there are tons of videos on Youtube that allow you to experience it vicariously!!

Skip to 4:00 to see the painful part I still have nightmares from... no wonder the surgeon dubbed it over with dracula music. ah ah ahhhh.

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