Friday, 27 April 2012

About Our Comic

I want to make a post to let my readers know about our comic-book project that was funded by Kickstarter last year, and I want to be very direct & honest, as usual. We grossed $7,000 in funds to finish the project, and this went into our living expenses for 3 months as we worked, supplies for backer prizes, and supplies to produce a professional comic, including drawing materials and a scanner.

The plan was to have everything done by the time [ehm-tee-vee] airs a documentary series focusing on my life as a young cancer survivor. The show also covers our production of the "preview" comic & how we found our awesome publisher.

Unfortunately, our money ran out before we could finish the book. The reasons for this are many-- some personal, some not. Originally our goal was to publish a 26 page comic. But as we went along, Jon, our illustrator, wanted to make it bigger-- 100 pages bigger. I have always expressed my concern over this, that we should edit to stay in budget & meet our deadline. Jon is very enthusiastic about this bigger, more involved comic, and assured me that he'll finish the illustrations. I share his enthusiasm, because the story & potential to help people is great. However I feel very uneasy about asking the community for more money to finish this project.

The money would go to backer prizes, and Jon's living expenses as he finishes this 100-page comic.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see another Kickstarter fundraiser, or are you happy with the "preview" comic we have published? The story that Jon & I have developed has a lot of potential, and I want to see it finished. But is asking the cancer community for another $5,500 morally acceptable? Am I reading too much into this?

I would really appreciate your input. I feel the project was somewhat mismanaged, and I am partially to blame for this, because I've got a lot of other cancery things on my plate-- I don't have the energy to micromanage. I put it all in Jon's hands, and although he's done an amazing job so far, the scope of the project has overwhelmed its creators.

thoughts? I want this project to be for you, and I want you to have a say in its fate.

here is a link to check out the new project.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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