Friday, 12 September 2008

Wig Shop Baby

I will begin a 5-day/week chemo treatment starting Monday- My hair should start falling out in a couple of weeks, so... wig shop!

When I think chemo wig I think of this hot mama:
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Or maybe even a little Raquel Welch? She models all of her own wigs! Bless her soul. This one is called "excite" and oh, does it deliver:
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Most of the wigs were god-awful and all of them were light. I had to choose and order my usual dark color...

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The operation for my port was performed last night. A port is exactly what it sounds like- a passage to a major artery to deliver meds to your bloodstream.
I was fully conscious for the procedure and my surgeon was a complete shit-head. He could tell I was in pain, shaking, crying because they had to try 4 times to shove the stupid thing in... and he wouldn't say a word to me. He'd just yell at the nurses to find him a smaller VAP. Now I'm all bruised and in incredible pain. Fuck that guy.
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