Friday, 22 May 2009

float on

some pictures of the celebratory balloon ride:

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Now back to real life, back to solid ground.

I've been trying to handle all of my post-cancer emotions like an adult, i.e., not bitch about anything and keep the pain to myself. Like all of that hot air held in the balloon, I'm either going to violently combust or gently float on. We'll see.

Applying for many a job in SF, also looking at an affordable room on 9th and Lawton by the park. I'm pretty terrified that I'll start building my life again and three months from now, when my first scans are taken, it'll all come crumbling down again. Please please please cancer don't come back.

oh, and my birthday is next week, though I don't feel much like celebrating. Can I be 23 again?

I love all of you and hope to see many of you soon.

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