Friday, 6 November 2009

I'm not going to go all Patch Adams on you, but if I did you'd have permission to kill me, as you have permission to kill Robin Williams now. I will be producing a Cancer Comic that I'd like to mail (for free) to cancer patients and infusion rooms. The comic book will be called "Terminally Illin'", and will follow Cancer Girl through the hilarities of vomit, bald heads, mutant bunny-rabbit-killing machines, et al. I will be emailing some of you soon with details.

Hilarious things that have happened to me:

-I was so drugged up once and vomiting my brains out that I thought the toliet was talking to me, kind of like Peewee's Playhouse.

-All of my nose hair fell out. This seems inconsequential, but I didn't have boogers for like 8 months and kind of missed them.

-I camped out on the couch for weeks because I couldn't walk. My sister's little Yorkie terrier walked up to the end of the couch and peed on my bald head. FML.

-I traveled into my own body with my battlecat via ultra-high radiation beams and sought out to destroy the Tumornator (tm) and his army of cuteness.

One of those things may or may not have happened. So, If you send me your email, I will update you on the progress of the comic, donation incentives, and hopefully a free copy when we're through!

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gurgle... I'll be back. (I hope not really)

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